Your monastery table and its favorite temperature

It is important to place your monastery table and other rural furniture in a room with a constant temperature. Because wood is a natural product, wood will always continue to work and react to temperature differences in rooms. For example, if the temperature is too high or too low, it is possible that cracks will form in the wood of your oak monastery table. We therefore advise you to ensure a room temperature between 16 and 24 degrees. The humidity is also important for maintaining the quality of your rural monastery table and other rural furniture. We recommend keeping it between 55 - 75%.

Keeping your monastery table clean

To keep your monastery table clean, we recommend that you remove any stains and circles immediately with a lukewarm, slightly damp cotton cloth. If desired, you can mix a soft (preferably natural) cleaning agent with the lukewarm water. Attention: never use cleaning agents with an abrasive effect. With this you can permanently damage the paint, washing layer of your cloakroom table.

Keep your monastery table scratch-free

To prevent scratches on your robust table, we always advise you to stick felt under decorative items that will be placed on the oak table top. With normal use, the lacquer layer protects your furniture against circles, moisture stains and light scratches. The paint, washing layer of your castle table is not scratch-resistant and not resistant to alcohol, tea and caustic agents.

Keep your monastery table on color

To prevent discoloration of your robust table and rural furniture, we recommend that you avoid direct sunlight when placing your monastery table and rural furniture.

Your wooden monastery table

A large part of our rural furniture is made of wood. This is a natural product and gives every monastery table its own unique wood structure and colour. The wooden furniture presented by us and ordered by you will therefore always differ from each other in structure, wood drawing, color and other details. This difference makes every rural piece of furniture unique in its kind. It is precisely this that makes quality furniture that is 100% made from a natural product so fascinating.